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ADS: Our Expanding Reach

Today, more than six billion feet of ADS pipe are in service around the world. You can see ADS products everywhere, from major construction sites with drainage requirements to residences in your own neighborhood. In fact, ADS technology has now led to the specification of total polyethylene systems for drainage, collection, and maintenance access.

The world's largest producer of corrugated plastic pipe, ADS is committed to continually improving the manufacturing technology. Our business objectives are clearly stated and remain constant: Using our resources in corrugated pipe technology to improve the quality, performance resulting in superior characteristic that you have come to expect with each new generation of pipe. Another goal of ADS is to increase our market share in existing markets, investigate new product opportunities and aggressively pursue business opportunities in new markets.

ADS is very proud of our success as a private company. Our competitive industry is faced with the task of rebuilding our infrastructure, protecting our water resources, and ultimately improving our quality of life. As industry leaders, we strive to demonstrate an attitude of commitment and our interest in being a good corporate citizen.