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Management Team

The popularity of ADS pipe has allowed the Company to expand our production and sales facilities throughout Canada and the United States gaining the reputation as the nation's largest producer of corrugated plastic pipe. To maintain this reputation, ADS has developed a corporate sales and technical support program to complement ADS field counterparts. This ensures a knowledgeable, quick-response team of experts who service our customers in even the most complicated water management dilemmas.


Field Sales Professionals and Product Specialist.
Our nationwide team helps create and fulfill local market demand through specification efforts, training, lead generation, and comprehensive sales and marketing support.



Regional and Application Engineers.
These technical experts obtain state and regional specification acceptance, offer project engineering and specification support and comprehensive technical assistance, and provide national representation with CSA, BNQ, AASHTO and ASTM.


Customer service representatives.
A dedicated, knowledgeable team providing immediate assistance, our representatives are supported by dispatchers and regional freight coordinators.