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ADS Design Pro

ADS Design Pro is an interactive tool that will aid design engineers in creating HDPE Pipe Retention/Detention Systems. Unlike other design tools that use Microsoft Excel, with only a few clicks one can size a system and generate a project specific pipe drawing in PDF or DXF format. The DXF drawing can be opened in most CAD programs like AutoCAD® and inserted right into your site plans.

  • Quickly generate actual CAD drawings for your specific project in PDF or DXF format.
  • Insert the DXF drawing right into your project plans.
  • Drag and drop inlets, inspection risers and cleanouts using Design Pro's graphical user interface.
  • Manipulate fittings and adjust stub placement and elevations.
  • Great for initial design or conceptual planning.
  • Share your work with co-workers or members of your design team through the Project Sharing feature.
  • Allows you to save multiple drawings for future reference.
  • Return at a later time to review, make changes or create a totally new retention/detention layout using ADS pipe.
  • Forward your design criteria and initial drawing to an ADS Technician to complete your pipe system drawings.

Want to talk to an actual human being right away?

As with any design work, hands on engineering decisions must be made and drawings customized. If you would like to consult with one of our experts on a specific project, please click here or call 888-892-2694 and one of our technicians or engineers from our Technical Services team will be in touch with you to provide project specific support.