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ADS sanitary pipe, SaniTite HP and SaniTite have been specifically designed to address the need for a more economical, high performance, gravity flow sanitary sewer product.

SaniTite HP sanitary pipe is made from Polypropylene (PP) resin while the SaniTite line utilizes HDPE resin. SaniTite HP sanitary pipe introduces a wide array of innovations for the trunk line market.

SaniTite HP is available in 300 mm–750 mm dual wall and 750 mm–1500 mm Triple Wall profile designs, double gasket, polymer band joining system and excellent jobsite durability are growing ADS' position within the sanitary sewer market.

Our sanitary sewer pipe products provide unparalleled resistance to the combination of hydrogen sulfide attack, abrasion, corrosion and jobsite impact.

A complete line of fittings, taps and manhole connections complete our offering within the sanitary market.

ADS Sanitary Sewer Products

Responding to the worldwide need for economical, long-lasting, gravity-flow sanitary sewer systems, ADS offers an alternative to PVC pipe. ADS pipe products are lightweight and easy to install with a minimum of manpower and heavy equipment. Our products also offer superior chemical, abrasion and impact resistance.

  • SaniTite® HP
    Advanced polypropylene resin technology and an exclusive triple wall design 750 mm–1500 mm provides enhanced pipe stiffness, beam strength and joint integrity making HP sanitary the logical choice for your gravity flow sanitary sewer project.