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Well-drained logging roads last longer and ADS supplies the pipe and products to keep those roads in better shape, longer.

From pipe and culverts that hold up to the traffic and harsh conditions to erosion control products that keep ruts from ruining roads, ADS is providing cost-effective drainage for the timber industry.

Applications within this Market

  • Rural Roads Drainage
    ADS Geogrids are designed to eliminate rutting on unpaved roads and help keep paved roads paved longer.
  • Culverts
    With just 0.3 m of cover, ADS corrugated HDPE pipe can withstand the heaviest traffic — making it the ideal choice for timber industry culverts. ADS N-12 pipe's durable design can handle H20 and E80 loads.
  • Erosion Control
    ADS erosion control products effectively reduce landscape deformation and hold vegetation firmly in place.

ADS Timber Products

Forested areas are difficult enough to operate in without excess water. Lightweight, easy to install high density polyethylene products make road construction easier, and helps keep logging roads dry and serviceable. Properly installed, these products can also handle loads imposed by heavy equipment and logging trucks.

  • Single Wall
    Our standard corrugated pipe is available in 75 mm–600 mm diameters. Flexible and lightweight, this pipe is easy to transport and install. With its superior corrosion and abrasion resistance, it is an exceptional alternative to corrugated metal and concrete pipe.
  • N-12® (per AASHTO)
    With its smooth interior and dual wall construction, N-12 pipe delivers exceptional hydraulics and structural strength in lightweight 6-meter lengths. In diameters ranging from 100 mm–1500 mm, N-12 pipe is available with both soil-tight and water-tight joints. Widely used for cross drains, side drains and under drains, N-12 pipe can handle heavy traffic loads with a minimum one-foot of cover.
  • N-12® (per CSA)
    N-12 ® (per CSA B182.8) pipe is the Canadian standard for corrugated polyethylene drainage pipe. Introduced in 2002, N-12 dual wall pipe with its smooth interior wall and corrugated exterior wall, offers exceptional hydraulics and strength. Built using application specific high-density polyethylene, N-12 corrugated pipe also provides superior corrosion and abrasion resistance making it an excellent alternative to reinforced concrete and corrugated metal pipe. These properties have led to the increasing approval and acceptance of N-12 drainage pipe in storm water applications across the country. The certification of our N-12 pipe is by a third party agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada.
  • N-12 MEGA GREEN™
    Offering a minimum recycled content of 40%, ADS MEGA GREEN HDPE pipe is the developer's and designer's choice for "green projects", helping you meet LEED requirements.
  • Geosynthetics/Geogrids Erosion Control
    ADS offers a full line of geo-composite products: woven and non-woven fabrics for soil stabilization and but prevention in unpaved roads, erosion control mates to protect embankments, and geogrids for reinforcement of weak soils.
  • Fittings
    ADS manufactures the broadest line of fittings in the industry to simplify installations for your drainage applications. Whether your gravity flow application calls for split couplers, bell couplers, bell and spigot joining systems, cleats, or gaskets, ADS has a fitting solution.