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Strength you need, great for the environment

MEGA GREEN WT (WATERTIGHT) IB pipe offers the best watertight joint in the industry, with a superior built–in bell–and–spigot joint. The joints are sealed with high quality factory–installed patented rubber gaskets.

Product Information
Diameters Available: 300 to 1500 mm (12 in. –60 in.)
Length:6m (19 ft. 8 in.)
Burial Depth:
Minimum: 300 – 1200 mm (12 in.–48 in.) shall be 0.3 m,(1 ft. )
1500 mm (60 in.) shall be 0.6 m (2 ft.)
Maximum:See Technical Note 2.02
Specifications:Meets ASTM F 2648
Watertight meeting ASTM D3212
Fittings conform to ASTM F 2306
Gaskets meet ASTM F477
Joint Performance:Watertight
Joining System:Bell-and-spigot connections