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ADS Triple Wall® / Smoothwall

ADS 3000 Triple Wall HDPE pipe

ADS 3000 Triple Wall HDPE pipe is triple bonded polyethylene for exceptional pipe stiffness. With smooth inner and outer walls and a corrugated structural core, ADS 3000 Triple wall HDPE pipe is designed to have superior pipe stiffness to that of PVC sewer and drain pipe, yet priced to compete.

Triple-wall Plastic Pipe Product Information
Diameters Available:75 and 100 mm
Lengths Available:3 m
Joint Performance:Not Specified
Joining System:Bell-and-spigot
Specifications:ASTM F810

Smoothwall Pipe

Smoothwall Pipe is available in 3 m (10') lengths; 75, 100 and 150 mm (3", 4" and 6") diameters, and joins with simple, secure bell-and-spigot connections. The pipe is made with a white, high density polyethylene layer around a black polyethylene core to form a lightweight pipe with excellent beam stiffness.

Meeting ASTM F810, Smoothwall is very popular for sanitary leach field use because of its low cost, large perforations, and high beam strength when compared to singlewall perforated polyethylene pipe. Beam strength is a measure of the stiffness of a pipe in the longitudinal direction. Because Smoothwall is relatively stiff in the longitudinal direction, it can easily be laid straight and "true to line and grade". Smoothwall pipe requires a stone backfill/envelope to allow it to function effectively for leach field applications.

The pipe provides for safe, easy, efficient installations without breaking, splitting or cracking, and is more impact-resistant than PVC, ABS or styrene.

Like all other polyethylene products, Smoothwall will not corrode, is unaffected by fertilizer and herbicidal chemicals, is impact resistant and can be installed in subzero temperatures. Smoothwall can be used for all your turf drainage needs as well as sidewalk culverts and onsite waste management systems.

Smoothwall Plastic Pipe Product Information
Diameters Available:75 mm (3"); 100 mm (4") and 150 mm (6")
Lengths Available:3 m (10')
Specifications:ASTM F810
Joining System:Bell-and-spigot