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N-12® ST IB (soil-tight) Pipe (per AASHTO)

Available in diameters from 100 to 1500 mm, N-12 pipe is replacing reinforced concrete pipe as a preferred product for storm water applications.

The reinforced polyethylene bell of N-12 ST IB pipe minimizes distortion. Chipping and cracking common to concrete pipe bells, is eliminated.

Today N-12 ST IB pipe is the best soil tight joint for storm sewers on the market.

  • With bell & spigot designs you simply lube and push together, field installation is a snap
  • Unlike pipes from other manufacturers, there are no additional gasket materials, grout or sealing bands to transport and apply.
  • In–line bell design means no need to dig bell holes – and no worries about improperly dug bell holes that can dip or sag, leading to bell shear.
  • Noticeably faster installation times
  • Lower labour costs

N–12 ST IB

Provides a soil-tight joint for normal storm sewer and culvert applications

N–12 ST IB Product Information
Diameters Available: 100–1500 mm*
Lengths Available: 6.1 m or 4 m
Joint Performance: Soil–tight
Joining System: Integral Bell

*100–250 mm N-12 integral bell soil–tight and water–tight pipe is only available in limited areas. Please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 800–821–6710 for details.