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SaniTite® HP

SaniTite HP Sanitary pipe is the most recent addition to the already proven N-12 product line and has been specifically/engineered for the gravity flow sanitary sewer market. The bell and spigot joining system provides an added factor of safety for design/engineers by including polymer reinforced bells and double gasket spigots on every stick of pipe.

Advanced polypropylene resin technology and an exclusive triple wall design (750mm–1500mm) provides/enhanced pipe stiffness, beam strength and joint integrity making HP sanitary the logical choice for your gravity flow sanitary sewer project.

These sizes, 300mm to 1500mm, are certified by an independent third party to meet the requirements of CSA B182.13.

You'll recognize SaniTite HP pipe by its distinctive gray color. But more importantly than its color, is what it will do for you. If you are being asked to do more with less, then HP sanitary is your answer!

Please contact your ADS representative to extend your large diameter sanitary sewer dollars.