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In many areas, the SB2 gravel-less leach bed pipe system can be a cost effective alternative to conventional leach beds. The product consists of 200 mm 250 mm single wall corrugated polyethylene pipe with special located perforations wrapped with ADS Drain Guard and non-woven geotextile.

The outside diameters of the pipe provide an equivalent of 2 to 3 square feet of soil absorption area per lineal foot. The location of the drain holes (60 degrees off the bottom center line) provides added sludge storage capacity, which increases retention time. The Drain Guard protective wrap is sonically welded to the corrugated pipe and allows free passage of effluent to the soil while limited soil particle infiltration.

How Does SB2 Corrugated Pipe System Work?

Wastewater enters at one end of the corrugated pipe and stays suspended within the bottom two inches of the pipe. Pre-treatment occurs within this level. Once the wastewater reaches the level of the holes in the sides, the waste water percolates to into the exterior valley. The septic blanket wicks waste water upwards to the exterior top, allowing for treatment around the entire circumference.

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How Does SB2 Corrugated HDPE Pipe System Work