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Water Quality Units

The influence of the EPA's Clean Water Act has been felt in Canada, the quality of surface water collected and then discharged into surface waterways.

The ADS WQU meets or exceeds provincial requirements for two pollutants of major concern; sediment and oils that are washed off the surface during a rain event.

The ADS HDPE Water Quality Unit is designed with two weir plates to trap oils and total suspended solids as the storm water flows through surface drainage structures and into the water quality unit. This structure also incorporates the use of a bypass system, which prevents re–suspension of captured solids by diverting water flows greater than "first flush".

These durable, lightweight structures have been specifically designed for fast installation and easy maintenance. Made from high–density polyethylene N–12® drainage pipe, these units are resistant to abrasives and chemicals typically found in storm water and surrounding soils. And when site conditions require higher levels of treatment, the ADS Water Quality Unit becomes an integral part of a multi–tiered approach known as the treatment train.

How do water quality units work?

Water Quality Unit Product Numbers
ADS manufactures 16 standard models that provide efficient removal of pollutant particles and hydrocarbons for the majority of site conditions. A chart is provided to show sediment chamber volume and oil chamber volume. For unusual conditions, ADS can recommend a system combining a variety of sizes and configurations.